Barr Fights Back Against Dem Smear Campaign

Barr Fights Back Against Dem Smear Campaign

( – Democrats have been smearing Attorney General William Barr ever since his confirmation. The Left was particularly angry when he pledged to get to the bottom of the Russia investigation. On July 28, Barr finally got the opportunity to fight back against the Liberal smear machine when he went before the House Judiciary Committee.

Barr’s opening statement, which was released the night before, was explosive.

He began by paying his respects to John Lewis, calling the late congressman an “indomitable champion of civil rights” and the law. The attorney general went on to explain how it’s important to keep politics out of the DOJ. Then, Barr ripped into the Democrats on the committee who “have attempted to discredit” him when they conjured up a “narrative” that he’s a henchman for President Donald Trump.

The attorney general vehemently denied the narrative that he makes decisions based on what Trump wants. Barr’s full opening statement can be viewed here:

Barr systematically destroyed all of the talking points we’ve been hearing from the mainstream media. He spoke about everything from the way the Left has painted him to crime across America and the treatment of law enforcement. It was incredible and exactly the dose of reality the partisan Dems on the committee needed.

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