Barr to Discuss National Surveillance

Barr to Discuss National Surveillance

( – Last week, there were rumors about what would happen at a regular meeting between Attorney General William Barr and other Republican officials. While the topic of the AG’s potential resignation may have been discussed, there were other important issues on the docket. In particular, the state of mass surveillance in America has him worried.

Now, Barr has announced he wants to make reforms to surveillance laws after witnessing what happened with the investigation into Trump during 2016.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is the policy that Barr wants to make some changes to, which he discussed with his GOP colleagues at their lunch meeting. No specifics were revealed about what would be done.

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  1. Talk, talk, talk and no action. That is all we ever get from them. I wish for them just to enforce the Law’s that are in place and that is all that is needed. If they could just do their Job’s like they where hired to do over 3/4 of the problems would go a way.

  2. I agree with peter above. Those who did these things should be prosecuted. It would send the message, that it is illegal and you do it, you will pay the price. Until that happens, it will just continue. They know they can walk away and be free, so they contuniue to break the law with no consequences.

  3. Just like gun control it’s illegal to shoot somebody but people still do it when they’re breaking the law they don’t care if there’s more laws but what would we do without lawmakers Making everything illegal in our lives and not enforcing any laws against the liberals or politicians

  4. They aren’t adhering to current rules and, at least in Trump related actions, have wantonly violated legal requirements. Reforms won’t do any good unless every DOJ, FBI, FISA Judge and Intel operative violator is prosecuted and, if found guilty, punished to fullest extent of the law. So far whole investigation looks like a charade…declining to prosecute government operatives while vigorously prosecuting people associated with Trump for far lesser Crimes is a gross injustice; the kind of kangaroo court action characteristic of totalitarian communist regimes, not a constitutional republic.

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