Bear Raids Couple’s Wedding In Search of Food

Grizzly Bear Meets Its End in Unbelievable Confrontation

( – Everyone who spends any time in the woods knows that bears really like to take food away from humans. They’ve been known to raid campsites, walk into houses, and break into cars. One bear even raided a couple’s wedding in search of some tasty treats.

On July 31, Brandon Martinez and Cailyn McRossie-Martinez were married in the mountains outside of Boulder, Colorado. On the day of the ceremony, it began pouring in the middle of the wedding. The bride, groom, and their guests got soaking wet.

After they exchanged vows, the couple went to the reception, where their guests began dancing. Suddenly, they heard a ruckus. It turns out that a bear had entered their reception and made its way over to the dessert table. According to them, the unwanted guest ate their lemon bars and cannolis.

A security guard who was at the event chased the bear away. Nobody was hurt, fortunately. The bride and groom were sad that they weren’t able to eat their cannolis, though.

The Martinezes’ wedding wasn’t the only one crashed by wild animals. In 2019, Zach and Sarah Levenberg were getting their wedding photos taken in a wooded section of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Suddenly, a group of raccoons interrupted the pictures. One of the photos shows the gang of trash pandas standing behind the couple.

A more horrifying incident took place in Colorado in August 2022. A couple was getting married along a riverbank when a bear suddenly attacked a moose. Stanton Giles, a filmmaker, posted a video of the savage incident on social media. The video received 1.7 million views. It showed the shocked couple standing by as the bear killed the moose. The videographer later said the attack gave “new meaning to the wedding phrase bear witness.”

Apparently, couples who want to have a ceremony outside should be prepared for nature to crash their party.

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