Bernie Bros Reject Creepy Uncle Joe

Bernie Bros Reject Creepy Uncle Joe

( – Joe Biden might have won the Democratic presidential nomination by default, but he’s a long way from being a unity candidate for the Left. Many of Senator Bernie Sanders’ supporters are signaling they won’t support him. In fact, a large progressive group just announced that very thing.

On April 12, The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) said they wouldn’t be backing Biden in November.

To put this in perspective, the DSA has around 56,000 members — many of them younger voters who joined because of the organization’s support for Sanders. Two members of the notorious “Squad,” Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), are members of the far-Left organization.

While the DSA’s failure to endorse Biden won’t trouble mainstream Democrats much, it could cost him a lot of support among younger voters. This demographic is the most likely to vote for a far-Left candidate. The rift in the party might make it much easier for President Donald Trump to win reelection in November.

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  1. Democrats lack accomplishments or solutions to talk about so they criticize those who do. They get their votes by promising freebies to the idiots. Why not read the Constitution and learn what the Presidents responsibilities and duties are then vote For the candidate you believe is most qualified to perform these requirements.

  2. I will always support President Trump. No one could have done better during this time of crisis. He has done amazing things. Joe Biden is senile and can’t even make a speech.

    • What in earth could you mean??? Mr. Trump has done nothing but put the American people in danger, so his numbers don’t look bad. Please, please open your eyes and take care of yourself because our current president and his administration aren’t going to.

    • if jennie and floridian ,believe Mr trump is doing nothin for we the people, then i really think they believe cow’s fly and the moon is made of cheese ,i really don’t want to live like russia or china or north korea, or any other commie country , if you really think that life is so good there please move there.

    • If “Jennie” doesn’t support Trump and thinks that he has done nothing, she reject acceptance of her stimulus check. Bet she won’t.

    • Lol. Typical libtard idiot. Your calling Trump a dictator is like calling Joe Biden a brain surgeon. Why don’t you run for President Frank? Run out of periods?

  3. PEOPLE who take out debt should not think another persons hard work should pay
    for them Where is the individual responsibility? America is built on your responsible
    living. Who else owes you an education? We are the government. If you get your debt forgiven how much will you be taxed to pay everyone elses debt? Many students do not graduate in 4 years. That adds to more debt. Mydie

  4. Why are you focusing on student loan debt forgiveness we all know that would never happen we should be looking at more important things . look around you People we are dying from this virus and all Trump can think about is Getting the economy restored Let them die. what about climate change racism is out of control this administration has divided us like never before in all my years I’ve never seen a president openly insight racism and social bias .Trump has incited more racism than ever before it’s absolutely ridiculous when you have a president in the White House dividing people instead of trying to bring us together and strengthen us. our world is dying and so are our people we have got to come together no one side of the country can make it great again it takes every individual of every race and creed Just because Trump is a narcissistic ignorant Control freak in the White House doesn’t mean we should follow in his footsteps

    • Obama’s administration was the most racist of any we have had. Look at the numbers! Minorities are much better off during this administration. The democrats love to lie to African Americans and say how they are for them when in reality the democrats only want Africa Americans dependent on the government. Wake up!

    • dee ,the only racist is you, trump did not do nothing your friends the dem’s told everyone to not do what Mr trump said and it got bad , he wanted to take care of people like give money to by food ,the dem’s turned it down twice ,what do aircraft emisions have to do with feeding people or may be it’s more better to give millions so congress can have money for raise’s for them self’s , sorry to say but really your full of sh*t , sorry but racism bring’s out the bad in me, learn for your self , stop watching fake new’s it make’s you look stupid again sorry,

    • Dee, we’re you in a coma the 8 years of Obama and no one bothered to tell you he was the worst President in our history!

  5. What about those who have worked hard and have paid off their student loans. Are they going to be reimbursed?

  6. No way that ANY known Democrat Politician could even come close to running the Executive office as well as Trump.
    ALL of Washington fear him!
    He threatens THEIR way of life, which does next to nothing for our country.
    But Trump can be beat since the Marxist Main Stream Media is controlling the airwaves.
    AND, the DNC has THEM in their back pockets!

  7. Trump in a landslide. Place a bet in Vegas all you COMMUNISTs !!! Debates with Trump will be great entertainment television. Biden and his family are corrupt. Watch Obama be his water boy. Obama was the worst president in history, overtaking Jimmy Carter, Two losers during my 74 years

  8. You decided to incur your student debt and in the long run if you do study hard enough you will get a good job to pay off your debt…this was your choice so why should that debt be forgiven…if someone decides to use a credit card and runs up debt they have to paid for that & you are no different.
    Also Biden was just accused for having penetrated a woman that was working for him in 93…what does that tell you also

    • this is why, it used not cost that much to go to collage , but they up’d the price so much and add interest that most kid’s would have to work till in there forty’s or fifty’s to pay it off, is it fare for bank’s to charge more every year then is needed ,and a credit card is for fun and a way to live with payment’s but some people don’t know how to control them self’s, very not the same,

  9. Creepy slow quid pro quo joe will not be anywhere near the presidency because Burning Bernie is going to get more write-in’s than slow joe will get votes.

  10. To the many that think creepy Joe is their savior. Are you not paying attention to his mental health issues. He has dementia. Bern is a Communist. How is that form of dictatorship working out for the world? Inprisonment and death is their calling card.

  11. Don’t you think it’s possible that Bernie Sanders will be his running mate that’s what it looks like to me. If democrats all come together Donald Trump will be defeated

  12. Bernie is working with Biden to get some of his platform items passed. Those who refuse to vote for Biden are cutting their nose off to spite their face. With Biden you can expect to at least get some things passed like student loan forgiveness and some better healthcare program. If you don’t vote for him and Trump wins again, you will get NOTHING and a lot of people will suffer from lack of healthcare and enormous student debt. Don’t be such hardheads. Think positive and accept that you can’t get everything you wanted (and you wouldn’t have even if Bernie was President either!) but at least you can get something started in the right direction.

    • Why should your student debt be forgiven? Aren’t you the one that is going to gain financially from going to school?

      We will not get anything passed with Biden in office as he can’t even remember where he is half the time.

    • what are you ? gimme gimme gimme, you incurred the debt, why should we pay for your stupid mistakes?

    • And who do you think pays for all that loan forgiveness and healthcare? The government? Where do you think the government gets their money? Oh from the taxpayer! Keep looking for a free hand out, because there is no such thing!

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