Beware of Coronavirus Misinformation: 9 Lies You May Have Heard

Beware of Coronavirus Misinformation: 9 Lies You May Have Heard
  • Novel Coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China.
  • One American citizen has died.
  • Some symptoms of the virus include shortness of breath, fever and cough.
  • The virus was recently named COVID-19.
  • Just over 64,000 people are infected with the illness worldwide as of 2/14/2020. 

( – As world leaders fight to contain the coronavirus, they have another problem: fake news designed to cause panic. With people on social media sites and groups like QAnon spreading rumors about the virus, sometimes with very convincing screenshots, it’s hard to know who to trust. Fortunately, officials and news organizations all over the world are fighting the campaign of disinformation.

Whenever there is a new, scary virus introduced or even an old one in the case of Ebola, there are people who will spread conspiracy theories. We’ve seen it time and again. Hopefully, we can help put some of these theories to rest once and for all.

We’ve listed some of the top rumors as well as the truth about each one below.

9 Lies About the Coronavirus

  • Lie: The World Health Organization (WHO) director told countries that they are all on their own.

    Truth: That never happened. The WHO has been actively participating in the fight to contain the virus.

  • Lie: Coronavirus isn’t new, a patent was submitted to develop a vaccine for the virus in 2015.

    Truth: In 2015, a patent was filed to develop a vaccine for the strain of the coronavirus that impacts birds.

  • Lie: The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) proposes martial law to fight the spread of the virus in the US.

    Truth: FEMA has done nothing of the sort and only Congress or President Trump have the power to declare martial law.

  • Lie: There’s an outbreak at Ryerson University in Canada.

    Truth: Ryerson officials are disputing the claim.

  • Lie: Vitamin C and other herbal remedies cure the coronavirus.

    Truth: There is no cure.

  • Lie: Chinese people eating bat soup caused the coronavirus.

    Truth: The rumor originated from a video of an Asian woman eating bat soup. The video was actually filmed in 2016 and it wasn’t in China, she was in Palau, a South Pacific island.

  • Lie: Cannabis will cure the coronavirus because it has antivirals in it.

    Truth: There’s no proof to support this claim.

  • Lie: The virus has killed 112,000.

    Truth: The actual death toll is 1,383 (as of this writing).

  • Lie: The Chinese government created the illness to control the population.

    Truth: This rumor started on TikTok but it is fake news.

Be sure to only share updates from reputable sources like governments, the WHO or trusted news organizations. And if something sounds a little weird, investigate further. The internet is full of people who have nothing better to do than incite fear, don’t fall victim to their lies.

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  1. A little far fetched to say that china created the virus to control the population however the United Nations issued a statement years ago that the world is overpopulated and needs to be reduced by several billion people. The U N is all about world domination and I do not trust them.

    • The writer is separating what he claims is TRUTH versus LIES. If you will just look again, you will see that what he said about China creating the virus is preceded by the word, “LIE.”

  2. Don’t appreciate you saying Qanon is involved. They have said nothing of the sort. You must be a liberal writer who needs to fact check your own writing. Have not much faith in China reporting or CDC confirmation numbers due to the fact they don’t want to scare public. Do your research. Deep dive. Prepare, and avoid lg gatherings.

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