Bible Banned From Library for Being Controversial

Bible Banned From Library for Being Controversial

( – Across the country, Republicans at the state and local levels have removed books from libraries. They are concerned about content that isn’t suitable for children. In Utah, the fight over books has taken an unexpected turn.

On Friday, June 2, Davis School District officials announced they were removing the Bible from some school bookshelves. They made the decision after a parent, in protest of the 2022 law that made it easier for schools to remove books, filed a complaint. According to NBC News, the individual believed the state created a “bad faith process.” The complaint goes on to say people could just have any book removed without having to read or see it.

The angry parent wrote, “Get this P–N out of our schools.” They went through the Bible and pointed out all of the perceived offensive content in the holy book, which resulted in eight pages of passages inappropriate for minors. For example, there are incidents of incest, prostitution, rape, infanticide, and other explicit content in the scriptures. The complaint read that the Bible “has no serious value” for minors under the new law.

Davis School District removed the book from elementary and middle school shelves — it remains available for high school students. Officials didn’t give a reason for removing the book or cite which verses were the problem. The Book of Mormon is also set to be evaluated by district officials.

This isn’t the first time a parent has said the Bible shouldn’t be allowed in schools. Chaz Stevens, a Florida man, petitioned school districts in his state and asked that they “immediately remove” the book from classrooms and school libraries. He cited a bill similar to the one in Utah that has been used to remove LGBTQ+ books. He, too, pointed out passages in the book that contain bestiality, murder, and cannibalism. His petitions were unsuccessful.

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