Biden Administration Tells Americans to Report “Radical” Friends and Family

Biden Administration Tells Americans To Report

( – For years, Democrats have been spinning a narrative that the Right is dangerous. They reached a fever pitch during former President Donald Trump’s administration, and especially after the January 6 incident on Capitol Hill. Now, President Joe Biden’s administration reportedly wants Americans to report their “radical” family members and friends to law enforcement.

According to a June 15 OAN report, a senior Biden official told the press that people should raise alarms for loved ones or coworkers who they believe could radicalize toward violence. The official reportedly compared the approach to the “see something say something” Homeland Security campaign in 2011 that they used to try to catch terrorists.

Who gets to decide who is radical?

Equally as concerning are comments made by FBI Director Christopher Wray this year calling the January 6 incident domestic terrorism. Democrats have been placing the blame on conservatives for the incident, and Wray’s comments added fuel to their fire. The director has also said white supremacy is on the rise in the US. The Left spent four years labeling every Trump supporter a white supremacist, so it’s not hard to see who the FBI may be insinuating is the problem.

Recently, Wray even said there should be more monitoring of social media. Between the comments by the director and the Biden official, it seems the new administration has GOP voting Americans in their sights. Are they going to use this as an excuse to violate the rights of hard-working Americans?

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