Biden Admits There’s Nothing We Can Do Regarding COVID-19 Pandemic

Biden Admits There's Nothing We Can Do Regarding COVID-19 Pandemic

( – During the 2020 election campaign, Joe Biden made a big deal out of the coronavirus pandemic and how he would handle it so much better than former-president Donald Trump. Ever since Biden’s been in the White House, we’ve all been waiting to hear his big plans to save us from the virus. Except, it turns out he doesn’t have any.

On January 22, Biden, talking about the need for financial help to avoid foreclosures and evictions, said “there’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.” It’s an admission that his administration can’t do any better than Trump’s did – despite all his smug claims on the campaign trail.

Biden faced immediate criticism for his defeatist attitude and inconsistency. Former Michigan congressman Justin Amash tweeted a reminder that we’ve been told restrictions and mask mandates were needed to change the trajectory of the pandemic. Biden himself also echoed these sentiments, however, they apparently don’t work now. Another ex-congressman, Utah’s Jason Chaffetz, tweeted that Biden is “already giving up.” It’s a good point.

In November 2020, Biden claimed the first task of his administration would be controlling the virus. Now, it doesn’t seem to be. What else is he planning to backtrack on?

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