Biden Calls Kamala Harris the “First Lady”

Biden Calls Kamala Harris the

( – President Joe Biden is known as a self-proclaimed gaffe machine. He has caused many scandals over the last 40 years because of something he’s said. Recently, he seemed to get confused about who he was married to – again.

On Tuesday, March 14, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff tested positive for COVID-19, saying his symptoms were mild. Vice President Kamala Harris tested negative, but still had to pull out of an event she had scheduled with Biden. The president went on to attend the Equal Pay Day and Women’s History Month event where he spoke about his VP … kind of.

Biden said there was a change to the lineup on stage because “the first lady’s husband contract[ed] COVID.” Of course, he is the first lady’s husband and, last we checked, he wasn’t the guy who tested positive for the coronavirus.

During Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, he did something similar with his sister and wife. He was speaking at a Democratic primary speech when he grabbed his wife, Jill Biden’s hand, and said, “this is my little sister Valerie.” His wife began laughing and shaking her head, saying she’s not his sibling. He then grabbed his sister’s hand and declared, “and I’m Jill’s husband.” Once he realized what he did, he joked about them switching places with one another.

How do you feel about the president’s never-ending gaffes?

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