Biden: Children in Cages? We Did it to Keep Them Safe

Biden: Children in Cages? We Did it to Keep Them Safe
  • Conservatives, Liberals split on the importance of increased deportations 89% to 20%.
  • AOC evokes Nazi Germany to bash Trump.
  • Biden caught downplaying past actions.
  • Democrats offer recriminations, not solutions to border crisis.

( – One of the most bitter divides of the post-2016 election cycle is the issue of immigration. More pointedly, the illegal kind. It has caused nasty rhetoric to fly among politicians and within the American public. Judges in the federal courts, especially those under the banner of the Ninth Circuit, have issued injunction after injunction against President Trump’s efforts in an unprecedented display of judicial activism. So much so that the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) rebuked them publicly in a recent decision.

So, it should come as no surprise that Progressive Liberals are using the crisis at our southern border for political gain. Not by actually solving the problem, rather by demonizing the president for the problems.

AOC and Joe Biden

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) uses her social media accounts to create a fracas among her followers. She lamented over the conditions in which children in detention facilities live, in what many claim was nothing but a staged photo-op, and has gone as far as accusing the administration of running “concentration camps.”

There’s a problem with the Democrats using this in their anti-Trump warfare, as former Vice President Joe Biden just found out, and that is: truth. Not that it has ever stopped Liberals before, but this time somebody called them out on their hypocrisy. It seems the policy of “putting children in cages” began during the previous administration. The one where Biden was number two.

The former senator from the state of Delaware got caught up in a fib of his own making. In the September 2019 Democratic Presidential Debate, Biden is quoted as saying, “We didn’t lock people up in cages, we didn’t separate families.” Now he finds himself trying to put shades of grey into what was a stark denial.

Recently, after being forced to admit he and his boss did, in fact, put children in these “camps,” he’s trying to paint it as an altruistic act. It was “to keep them safe.” Leaving the implication that Trump’s version is some sort of draconian system to intentionally cause distress and hurt to migrant families.

Reality of Illegal Immigration

It’s true that the current policy has a superficial veneer of being harsher, but attributing it to enforcement is a bit of a distortion. The migrant caravans from Central and South America that were encouraged by the Left, flooded the border and overwhelmed an already strained system.

Only time will tell if Biden gets a pass on this by using his “it kept them safe” defense. First, because any fallout would inevitably splash on the Democrats’ golden boy Barack Obama so they may all jump on board. But, also because this group has a blind spot of monumental proportions when it comes to castigating Trump while giving one of their own a “get out of jail free” card for the same acts.

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  1. It’s the parents of these children who are to blame for the treatment of their kids.What did they think was going to happen to them when the crossed into America illegally..They knew before they crossed that they would be separated. It didn’t seem to be that important to them then.

  2. By law, children cannot be detained with adults. They keep them separate.
    A reason it takes months for children to be reunited with their parents? Because the people who have tried to bring them into this country ILLEGALLY are not their parents.

  3. I’m a Christian, have been for 50 years. I pray that we DONT put prayer back in schools. Haven’t we learned anything about the socialist left yet ? They run our schools and dictate what’s taught there. Do you really want them , (Marxists) , teaching your kids to pray ? How about a Muslim teacher leading your Christian child in prayer ? Or vice versa . Let not this ungodly system teach prayer to your children, do that at home and at church. Don’t let the ungodly take that responsibility from you!!

    • I grew up with prayer in school. I remember starting each school day with prayer, and the “Pledge of Allegiance.” You know what there wasn’t in school back then?…

  4. I stand with president trump he is doing a great job to keep unwanted people out our country we have enough criminals and communists here

  5. United We Will Stand for president Donald J Trump he is the man with the plan he intends to put the 10 Commandments back on courtyard he intends to put a Jesus away in a manger on the scene in the yard and across a show and he is a man and

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