Biden Claims Trump Is Lying About COVID-19

Biden Claims Trump Is Lying About COVID-19

( – Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden lashed out at President Donald Trump on Sunday, October 18. He accused the president of lying to the nation about the Chinese coronavirus. On the same day, during his rally in Durham, NC, Biden claimed Trump is misleading us about the severity of the pandemic.

Biden singled out the president’s recent statements that the US is “turning the corner” and is past the worst of the pandemic. He claimed “Things are getting worse,” even though they actually aren’t. The media is hyping up the rate of new infections, but the death rate is down to barely a quarter of its peak in April and, as of Sunday, wasn’t rising at all.

President Trump has been upbeat about the virus in recent weeks, reassuring Americans that vaccine research is starting to deliver and high-quality treatments are proving to be effective. Meanwhile, Democrats continue to push for job-destroying lockdowns and restrictions.

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