Biden Falsely Claims 200,000,000 Dead From COVID in America

Biden Falsely Claims 200,000,000 Dead From COVID in America

( – Whether it’s embarrassing gaffes or sad moments of confusion, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has more than his fair share. His latest gaffe is another one for the books; arithmetic books, to be exact.

Earlier this year, Biden introduced his wife Jill as his sister, Valerie. Asked about domestic violence last November, he responded the United States should “keep punching at it.” He’s insulted Blacks, Hispanics, and military spouses during recent campaign events. Name a group of people, and there’s probably a gaffe associated with them.

Biden may have topped all of these, though.

Speaking at a Philadelphia campaign rally on Sept. 20, he predicted “200 million people” will have died from the coronavirus by the time he finished his speech. The most Liberal estimates that day placed the actual number at about one-tenth that figure.

As Republican US House candidate Errol Webber (R-CA) and others pointed out, that’s going to be one long speech.

What’s noteworthy is the fact that Democrats constantly criticize President Trump for his missteps, claiming he’s unfit for office. Perhaps someone should remind them to beware of pointing a finger at anyone because that leaves three pointing back at themselves.

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