Biden (Finally) Wins Big

Biden (Finally) Wins Big
  • South Carolina was Biden’s first win.
  • Pete Buttigieg suspended his campaign Sunday.
  • Nearly 40% of the delegates are up for grabs in the races that are coming up. 
  • Biden won 61% of black voters.

( – Former Vice President Joe Biden had to wait a long time to score a victory but South Carolina came through for him — in a big way.

Not Even Close

To call Biden’s performance in the Palmetto State dominating might be an understatement. He finished the day with a staggering 48.4% of the votes cast. Some (like the other candidates) may say it’s not that big of a deal since he is the just-prior vice president to a chief executive who is wildly adored by voters in the Democratic Party. Former President Barack Obama hasn’t come out and endorsed him officially, but that hasn’t stopped the ex-VP from calling on his name to woo voters.

Not only did Biden come within fractions of a percentage point of claiming an outright majority, but he won in every county in the state. The margin of victory was much narrower in the extreme western counties, but in some of the central ones, he broke the two-thirds barrier.

Another Two Bite the Dust

As is wont to happen during presidential primary seasons every four years, candidates begin to fall by the wayside. The campaigns of Beto O’Rourke, Andrew Yang, and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) have all fallen to the utter lack of voter interest. Billionaire Tom Steyer and former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg joined the dustbin of history. Steyer’s campaign ended after he spent an estimated $250 million on his failed run.

Up Next

Candidates will now shift their attention to the myriad of states holding primary elections on Super Tuesday. Like former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg who’s throwing his weight (and money) around. He mobilized his campaign army to hold 2,400 campaign events over the weekend beforehand.

Going into the big day, people will be keeping an eye on the polling numbers in an effort to predict the outcome. Or, as some suggest, create a self-fulfilling prophecy for a particular candidate. In the aftermath of South Carolina, some national news agencies have Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) with double-digit leads in California and Texas, while North Carolina is a statistical dead heat. In Massachusetts, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is neck-and-neck with Sanders, and Biden is far back in fifth.

Reaping convention support is what these primaries are all about. To gain the nomination a candidate needs 1,991 pledged delegates on the first ballot when they all gather in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in July. If that doesn’t happen the so-called “superdelegates” come into play and things enter the murky waters of a “brokered convention,” which is just another term for “free-for-all.”

Sit back and grab some popcorn, this could get interesting.

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