Biden Hands COVID Battle Off to States

Biden Hands COVID Battle Off to States

( – Since taking office, President Joe Biden has exercised strict control over the COVID-19 response. His actions have infuriated federal and state lawmakers. Nearly a year into his presidency, Biden is now changing his tune.

On Monday, December 27, Biden held a conference call with some governors from across the country. He acknowledged states are having a difficult time as the COVID-19 Omicron variant spreads, causing an increase in hospitalizations. The president told the governors he realizes there’s no federal solution to the virus and said states will have to take over the response.

Biden told the governors they need to remember to speak up if they need something so the federal government can step in and provide them with resources.

The POTUS’ decision to step back from the response to the virus contradicts his previous orders forcing vaccine mandates and getting involved when states push measures he doesn’t like. For example, he stepped in when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) threatened to withhold funding from school districts that defied his coronavirus restrictions. Multiple states, including Florida and Texas, have sued the administration over Biden’s freedom-hating measures.

Although the president is promising to back off, his actions will speak louder than words. Let’s see if he can keep at least one promise to the American people.

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