Biden Hints 2022 Election Results May Not Be Legit

Biden Says He Might Challenge Results of 2022 Election
  • Republicans are trying to take control of Congress after the 2022 midterms. 
  • Democrats are desperately trying to pass a voting rights bill. 
  • Senate Conservatives blocked the voting bill this week. 
  • Biden is now hinting the election results might not be legitimate. 

( – Former President Donald Trump and his allies objected to the 2020 election results after dozens of allegations of fraud. Although the courts later determined the results of the election were legitimate, the 45th president had done the right thing by making sure only legal votes counted. He and his team protected election integrity. Still, Democrats mocked and attacked their efforts.

In the aftermath of the disastrous 2020 election, Conservatives across the country wanted to make sure that chaos never happened again. GOP lawmakers passed laws to strengthen election security to ensure it was almost impossible to commit fraud. Democrats also attacked that, and they’ve been trying to overturn the laws by passing a federal voting rights law. President Joe Biden has now implied the midterms might not be legitimate.

Hypocrisy on Display

During one of his rare press conferences on January 19, a reporter asked the president if he believes the 2022 midterm results would be legitimate. Instead of saying “yes” like he should have, Biden tried to undermine democracy by saying, “I’m not saying it’s going to be legit.” He went on to say that legitimacy of the results depends on whether the federal voting rights act is passed. Without the reforms, he believes the Republican Party is rigging the races.

The same day Biden made the remarks, Senate Democrats failed to pass two measures that would have allowed them to push the voting rights legislation through, including killing the filibuster. Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) refused to join their party’s efforts to pass the bill that would have stripped the states of many of its election powers. Republicans have said the Left wants to make it easier for people to cheat, allowing Democrats to win at the polls.

In a statement after the votes, Biden admitted defeat, saying he was “profoundly disappointed.”

Ironically, when Republicans raised concerns about elections in 2020, they were told they were trying to destroy the Republic and undermine the country. But, it’s totally fine when Biden does it before a vote is ever cast.

Do you think President Biden’s remarks demonstrate the hypocrisy on the Left, or do you support new voting rights legislation?

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