Biden Hurls Insults During First Presidential Debate

Biden Hurls Insults During First Presidential Debate

( – The first presidential debate of the 2020 campaign was a solid win for President Donald Trump. Joe Biden’s performance was a mixture of unabashed anger and confusion. At best, the Democratic presidential hopeful’s appearance left watchers befuddled.

Perhaps lobbing insults at the president was all Biden had in his arsenal. Of course, this was probably to cover for the lack of recorded accomplishments during his 47-year tenure.

When put on the defensive by President Trump bringing up Hunter Biden, Joe was reduced to responding that it was difficult “to get any word in with this clown.”

At one point, Biden was so frazzled he turned towards the president and whimpered, “will you shut up, man?” At another low point in his debate performance, he called Trump “the worst president America has ever had.” The hits kept coming throughout the night with Biden telling Trump maybe he “could inject some bleach” in his arm.

With any luck, the moderator at the next debate keeps hold of the reins and doesn’t let Biden spiral out of control. Host Chris Wallace owes the president and the American public an apology.

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