Biden Insults College Student

Biden Insults College Student

( – Former Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden got himself into another embarrassing situation Sunday, when he launched a barrage of strange insults at a college student who asked him an awkward question.

Attending a Sunday campaign event in New Hampshire, Biden was put on the spot when the student, from Georgia’s Mercer University, asked how he could remain competitive after performing so badly in Iowa.

Biden first asked if she had ever been to a caucus. The student said she had, and the former vice president snapped, “You’re a lying, dog-faced pony soldier.”

This is the second time Biden has used the strange phrase; in January he threw it out when asked about Obamacare:

This latest incident is bound to raise more questions about the future of Biden’s campaign, especially following his disappointing fourth place in last week’s Iowa caucus.

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  1. Biden is displaying the authentic Biden. He is not the nice, polite gentleman he is used to portraying. The pressure on the campaign trail is unveiling the true Joe Biden!

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