Biden Is COPYING China’s Dangerous Move!

Biden Admin Turning to TikTokers To Fight Misinformation

Biden Admin Turning to TikTokers To Fight Misinformation

( – TikTok is one of the most popular apps around the world, especially among young people. It’s also turned into a place where creators are really getting into politics. Now, President Joe Biden is trying to use that to his advantage.

According to reports, the Biden administration is using social media influencers to spread news about what they’re doing to combat so-called misinformation. For example, when the president was celebrating the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, his team invited roughly 20 influencers to the White House celebration. SNL spoofed the incident.

Prior to the event, the influencers received a special briefing before the event, which featured the president, vice president, and other administration officials. White House official Rob Flaherty explained to NPR although the administration has many social media followers, they struggle to reach those who are outside of their typical audience. He went on to explain in order to reach others, they need to be present in digital spaces. That means reaching out to content creators who work in them.

Before the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Chinese government used influencers to spread positive information about the government. The Communists paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to recruit people to spread the word, including a reality TV star. What makes the US any different?

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