Biden Isn’t Doing Nearly as Well as the Media Pretends (REPORT)

Biden Isn't Doing Nearly as Well as the Media Pretends (REPORT)

( – If you pay any attention to mainstream media, you might think President Donald Trump has no chance of winning the election. Every day, they breathlessly report poll numbers showing Joe Biden in the lead. Does that sound familiar?

In 2016, the media said the same thing and so did the polls. They never expected Trump to smash through the Blue Wall, states that historically voted for the Left. It seems nobody learned anything in four years.

President Trump has solid support among his base. He’s still doing very well in red states, and even swing states like Florida, Ohio, Georgia, and North Carolina.

If Trump can keep the voters he snagged in 2016 and expand that support a little bit, he’s in good shape. Biden, on the other hand, has to win back the voters Hillary lost. In other words, it’s entirely possible the Left is going to have a meltdown on election night … again.

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