Biden Keeps Saying Ridiculous Nonsense

Biden Keeps Saying Ridiculous Nonsense
  • Joe Biden is holding many virtual events instead of in-person. 
  • The former VP has repeatedly accused Trump of being a racist. 
  • Black and Hispanic unemployment reached a record low under Trump.
  • Biden has a racist history.

( – Whenever presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden speaks, he opens his mouth and inserts his foot. It’s no wonder he’s been hiding in his Delaware home for the past several months. This week, Biden once again proved he can’t be trusted to have a conversation without saying something ridiculous.

Ridiculous Statement

On July 22, Biden had a virtual town hall with the Service Employees International Union. During the event, a health-care worker claimed President Donald Trump blames Asians for the COVID-19 pandemic and asked the former vice president for his thoughts.

Biden, of course, didn’t set the record straight by telling the worker that Trump isn’t blaming Asians. Instead, the president’s rightfully blaming the pandemic on the Chinese government’s inadequate and disingenuous response. Instead, he said Trump is “sickening” and said he’s the first racist president.

Biden Campaign “Clarifies”

The comment by the Democratic nominee immediately led to people pointing out we have had presidents who were literally slave owners — as in they actually owned Black people. However, Biden thinks President Trump, who’s made the US a better place for minorities (creating jobs, signing a prison reform order, etc), is the first racist president.

Biden’s campaign adviser Symone Sanders “clarified” the statement by saying there have been many racist presidents, “but Trump stands out.”

Biden’s Racist Past

While the Biden campaign is trying to paint President Trump as a racist, their guy recently said Black people who don’t vote for the Democratic candidate “ain’t Black.” In the 1970s, the presumptive Dem candidate opposed bussing that would lead to desegregation. He was friends with racist Strom Thurmond.

The list goes on.

It’s laughable that this man would call President Trump a racist. Of course, common sense isn’t very common anymore.

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