Biden Makes Shocking Claim Over the Use of Blackmail

Biden Makes Shocking Claim Over the Use of Blackmail

( – President Joe Biden made an unusual statement last week. Unfortunately, it was also a worrying one. It seems Biden thinks everyone knows a blackmailer.

On March 16, Biden held an event in the White House to celebrate the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, and he took the opportunity to give one of his famously rambling speeches. One of the subjects he touched on was “revenge porn,” and his take on it was interesting, to say the least.

Biden told his audience, “I bet everybody knows somebody” who has taken “a revealing picture of his naked friend” and used it for blackmail. In fact, most of us probably don’t know someone who’s done that, but was the president admitting that he does?

With deceased millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein still in the news, Biden could have picked a better moment to dig out this particular rabbit hole. Epstein is widely believed to have used intimate photos and blackmail to control his victims, and conspiracy theorists will jump at the chance to speculate on whether Biden has just admitted to knowing all about it.

Of course, there might be an explanation closer to home. It was recently confirmed that Biden’s son Hunter really did leave a laptop stuffed with compromising information at a repair shop. So far, speculation has centered on emails related to Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine – but already some media outlets are wondering if there were “revealing pictures” on there too.

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