Biden Names Former White House Occupant As Potential Running Mate

Biden Names Former White House Occupant As Potential Running Mate
  • Barack Obama left office with an 83% approval rating among Democrats.
  • Joe Biden leads current primary candidate pool in polls.
  • Obama would be considered as a SCOTUS nominee by Biden.
  • Michelle Obama had a 90% approval rating among Democrats as FLOTUS.

( – Presidential hopeful and current leader of the packed Democratic primary field, Joe Biden, expressed a desire for a running mate should he garner the nomination to face off against Donald Trump in November. While it’s perhaps not a great shock, it might be a shrewd public statement just days for the first of the primaries: Michelle Obama.

Former President Barack Obama, under whom Biden served as vice president, was one of, if not the, most popular presidents among Democratic voters. As he left office in 2017, Obama had an approval rating within his base constituency of over 80%. Biden has said he would nominate him to the Supreme Court if he would be willing to accept the post.

The former first lady is very popular with the political left in her own right. A recent poll, albeit non-scientific, shows her have a staggering 90% approval rating within that demographic. Other informal surveys indicate that she could enter the race as the front-runner if she were so disposed.

The question becomes, is Biden just invoking the Obamas’ revered name or is this an honest wish? Cynics might argue that since Barack Obama has failed to endorse him as a favorite candidate this is nothing more than a ploy — and one not backed by the couple. Conversely, after working hand-in-hand for eight years they have a history with one another, and that could make for a dynamic team.

Whether Biden is speaking frankly or is being disingenuous, one thing is certain. As the preliminaries are held around the country, especially when Super Tuesday comes, the writing on the wall is going to become clearer. How long can the other candidates allow the Biden-Obama connection to boost his bid? And how can they counter it without alienating the Obama faithful?

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  1. God I hope this is a lie. However he needs as much help as he can get but I do not think that this would be enough.

  2. Obama was worst president ever and creepy joe Biden is behind in the polls. Where do these facts come from iowa shows biden 12%

  3. Joe Biden is pathetic and if he runs against Donald Trump the president now will wipe the floors with him he is absolutely no competition for Trump and that’s what makes me laugh did Donald Trump really try to get dirt on Biden for political purposes as so far is things he wanted to use against violence in a presidential run off I don’t think so I think Joe Biden and everybody else Thinks He’s an imbecile and Michelle Obama is the icing on the cake

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