Biden Plans Executive Order Regarding Police

Biden Plans Executive Order Regarding Police

Biden EXECUTIVE ORDER Announcement – This Could Be Huge

( – President Joe Biden has long been a supporter of law enforcement — much to the dismay of the radical Left. In 2021, the president wanted to sign a police reform bill on the first anniversary of George Floyd’s death, but the far-left made it impossible. Now, Biden is back at it again and is expected to take unilateral action.

According to Axios, Biden’s administration has spent months speaking to police unions, congressional leaders, families of people killed by officers, and civil rights leaders to put together a bipartisan executive order package. The president is allegedly hoping to appeal to centrist voters with the action, which is expected to be unveiled soon.

Several guidelines could be in the executive order, including improving data collection on criminal justice practices and new steps to fight against hiring bias. It could also put an emphasis on a healthcare response to helping people in crisis, but not at the expense of police budgets. During his State of the Union Address (SOTU) this year, he said defunding the police is a bad idea, saying it’s harder than ever to be a police officer.

Progressives have demanded he take more steps to go after the police as the midterms approach, undoubtedly hoping it will energize the base. It seems the president has no intention of presenting an anti-police executive order.

Fraternal Order of Police Executive Director Jim Pasco told Axios he hopes the executive order strikes a balance between the “legitimate concerns of the civil rights community and the legitimate concerns of the law enforcement community.”

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