Biden Promises to Help Make Possibly 11 Million Illegal Immigrants Citizens

Biden Promises to Help Make Possibly 11 Million Illegal Immigrants Citizens
  • Joe Biden wants to make millions of illegals citizens if elected. 
  • Amnesty for undocumented people could create millions of new voters for the Democratic Party. 
  • Americans are recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and millions are looking for work.
  • The Democrat’s plan would add millions of new workers to the job market.

( – At the final debate on Thursday, October 22, President Donald Trump hit Joe Biden on former President Barack Obama’s policy that locked kids in cages. We reported about the former vice president’s outrageous remarks concerning that issue at the time. What got lost during the incident though, was something else the Democratic nominee said.

Amnesty for Millions

During the immigration segment of the debate, Biden said he would ask Congress to create a “pathway to citizenship for over 11 million undocumented people.” He pledged to do it within the first 100 days if America elects him president.

Think about that for a moment. The US is currently recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and are searching for new employment. People are going to food banks to feed their families as Democrats in Congress refuse to pass another stimulus package unless they get everything they want.

Joe Biden knows what’s going on because he blames President Trump for the deadly virus that is believed to have originated in China every chance he gets. And still, he wants to make 11 million lawbreakers legal. Does that make sense?

Economics 101

Introducing million of new people to a job market where there are already limited positions could wreak havoc on the economy. That’s essentially what Biden wants to do.

He’s also promised to raise taxes on America’s job creators by rolling back Trump’s 2017 tax cuts. That could potentially cause an even greater loss of jobs in the country.

It’s hard to imagine why Biden thinks either one of these plans is a good idea. Does he want to hurt workers just as the economy is recovering? Is his desire to please the far-Left so strong he’s willing to sacrifice American families?

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