Biden Reportedly Isn’t Happy That People Don’t Want Him To Run in 2024

Biden Reportedly Isn't Happy That People Don't Want Him To Run In 2024

Biden Throws Public Temper Tantrum After Americans Oppose 2024 Run

( – President Joe Biden isn’t having a great year. His popularity has collapsed, many voters don’t believe he’s up to the job, and there’s growing speculation that he won’t run for a second term. Now, Biden is apparently getting irritated at this lack of faith.

A poll released on June 26 showed that Biden’s approval rating is stuck at an all-time low of 31%. Well over half of respondents think the president should take a mental competence test and publicize the result. Even the pro-Democrat New York Times is arguing that Biden is an electoral liability and shouldn’t run again. The Democrats are on course for a hammering in November’s midterm elections; Biden will take most of the blame for that, and many Democrats think someone else should lead the party into the 2024 general election.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, Biden doesn’t agree. The president has convinced himself he’s the only one who can beat Donald Trump in 2024, and he’s determined to fight for a second term. Biden has apparently told advisers that these are just the same doubts as he faced in the 2020 primaries, when many voters worried that he was too old or too moderate. What he’s missing is that now a Biden presidency isn’t an unknown quantity anymore; voters have had a chance to see how he handles the job — and they’re not impressed.

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