Biden Requests Sit-Down Debate Sparking New Health Fears

Biden Requests Sit-Down Debate Sparking New Health Fears

( – Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) launched a new attack on Joe Biden Sunday, when his campaign team complained the former vice president wants their March 15th debate to use a seated format. It looks like Sanders wants to make Biden’s health an issue, implying that he’s not able to stand for the length of the debate.

Biden’s team say the sit-down format was proposed by CNN, and that they agreed to it. Apparently the Sanders team objected, and an unspecified “modification” has been agreed upon.

While previous debates have seen the candidates standing at lecterns, the DNC says the sit-down format is appropriate for this one, as it’s expected to be more intensive and taxing. In fact, sit-down debates are not unprecedented. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did so in 2008, and nobody mentioned their health then.

The Democratic Party just can’t seem to stop arguing about minor details. Meanwhile, the Republicans are lined up and fully support President Trump’s re-election campaign.

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