Biden Says U.S. Ammunition Levels Are At Dangerous Lows

( – The United States has sent hundreds of millions of dollars worth of military equipment to Ukraine. That includes munitions of all sorts. For months, there’s been a concern about the US’ dwindling stockpile, and now President Joe Biden is confirming it’s a real issue.

On July 7, Biden spoke to CNN’s Fareed Zakaria about his decision to send cluster bombs to Ukraine. The POTUS told the television host that it was a hard decision to make but that the Ukrainian military is running low on ammunition. So, he decided to send the bombs as a “transition period” until American producers can make more 155mm artillery.

The president bluntly stated the US was “low” on munitions.

It’s no secret that the US is running low on its own military equipmdue tot of the Russian war on Ukraine. Government officials have repeatedly talked about it over the last year.

Earlier this year, Newsweek estimated Ukraine is firing as many 155 mm rounds in roughly five days as the US produces each month, and that estimate is likely on the lower side. Though the US will continue to deliver the rounds to them, there are efforts to conserve what they have.

Last month, The Wall Street Journal reported the US sharply increaammunition productiontion, particularly the 155 mm howitzer shells that Ukraine often uses. Right now, factories are producing about 24,000 shells, up from about 14,000 per month. The goal is to hit up to 80,000 monthly by early fiscal year 2025.

Doug Bush, the assistant secretary for acquisitions, logistics, and technology for the Army, said the stockpiles are lower than usual but still pretty high and “we are not going to run out.” He said the US is on a “path to get to really high numbers,” and he expects the stockpiles to return to prewar levels soon.

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