Biden to Only Serve One Term

Biden to Only Serve One Term

Earlier in 2019, the concern about Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (D-VT) old age circulated virtually every media outlet covering the DNC primary race. Then, when former Vice President Joe Biden stepped onto the field, the discussion of age in its entirety all but vanished. Old age became a lingering thought in the back of most peoples’ minds.

It seems that the issue of old age has come up once again among Joe Biden’s aides.

Though Biden hasn’t openly stated that he’d only serve one term if elected president, he’s made every indication of it towards his staff. If elected, Biden would turn 82 by the end of his first four years. This would mark him as the first acting president to reach at least 80 years old.

This is a significant liability for Biden. If he can only make it through a single term, there’s a high risk he would turn into a “lame duck.” In this case, he would fail to accomplish anything meaningful during his presidency.

Though it’s unlikely, Biden may eventually make a public statement concerning his age and his plans for a potential term in the White House.

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