Biden Under Fire From Both Sides on Key Push

Biden Under Fire From Both Sides on Key Push
  • President Biden attacked the Supreme Court’s 2022 repeal of Roe v. Wade in Tuesday’s State of the Union Address
  • Pro-abortion activists are angry that he didn’t make the issue more prominent, or mention it earlier in his speech
  • Conservatives say this is the most pro-abortion administration ever
  • Fourteen states have passed laws to ban or restrict abortion since the landmark Supreme Court decision

( – For decades, abortion has been one of the most heated, and explosive, issues in US politics. Whatever a politician says on the subject they’re almost guaranteed to attract a furious response from either Conservatives or Liberals. Now, President Biden has stumbled into the debate — and, in the unique way only he can, he’s managed to annoy both sides.

Biden Attacks Justices

On February 7, Biden gave the annual State of the Union address, his second since taking office — and, of course, the first since last June’s repeal of Roe v. Wade by the US Supreme Court. In his speech, he brought up that decision, accusing the justices of taking away “every woman’s constitutional right to choose” — even though the whole point of the Supreme Court’s ruling was that abortion isn’t a constitutionally protected right. He called on Congress to write Roe v. Wade into federal law to “restore” the “right,” before attacking states that have passed pro-life legislation and vowing to veto any federal pro-life law that reaches his desk.

The Left Is Outraged…

However, left-wing activists weren’t satisfied with Biden’s speech. They’re complaining that he only used the word “abortion” once, and devoted just four sentences to it; apparently that wasn’t enough. Others were unhappy that he left the subject until an hour into his speech. POLITICO journalist Alice Ollstein posted a Twitter threat outlining several more complaints, including that Biden didn’t highlight the stories of people who have had problems getting an abortion since the Supreme Court decision. Ollstein also predicted that any attempt to codify the right to abortion in law “won’t happen in this Congress.”

Ollstein did note that not all pro-abortion groups are unhappy with the speech. Planned Parenthood, the largest group, publicly supported his comments.

…And So Is the right

Meanwhile, pro-life activists were also outraged. Breitbart pointed out that Biden ignored the fact over 100 churches and pro-life clinics have been attacked by radical abortion activists, and said this administration has been “the most pro-abortion presidency in history.” He’s argued for the ending of the Senate filibuster rule just so he can force through pro-abortion legislation, and he’s pressured government departments and federal agencies into facilitating terminations.

Biden’s rhetoric against the Supreme Court has been incendiary — he’s called its decision “destabilizing” and “outrageous.” Many Conservatives probably feel that, in an address that’s specifically intended to talk about the state of the union, he should have avoided such a divisive subject.

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