Biden Uses Virus to Ignite Stalled Campaign

Biden Uses Virus to Ignite Stalled Campaign

( – Former Vice President Joe Biden gave his first live briefing about the coronavirus crisis Monday morning. The Democratic front-runner was noticeably absent from the public eye last week. It appears he’s trying to inject some momentum back into his campaign.

Biden delivered his brief from a studio set up at his Wilmington, Delaware home. He spoke for around 15 minutes. At one point, the gaffe-prone candidate appeared to lose his place on the teleprompter. It happened right as he was telling voters about his plans to fight the pandemic.

Fox News is reporting President Donald Trump’s campaign wasn’t happy with the speech. They quickly hit back at Biden after he criticized the commander-in-chief. An emailed statement accused Biden of politicizing the crisis and making it worse by “preying upon Americans’ fear.”

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  1. Biden in 2009 to 2010 and was put in the charge to manage the swine influenza pandemic. They didn’t do anything for almost six months. During that time 12,469 Americans died and between 200,000 and 500,000 died world wide. Do you really want him in charge of coronavirus ? These numbers come from the CDC.


  2. Nothing will “ignite “ Biden’s decaying Brain. He did his “political life” many years ago, this pitiful elderly man deserves to retire in a rest home or a care facility during his obvious waning remaining years. The Shameful democrats Are just using this poor old man as a puppet.

  3. Tonie Flores I think you see a brain specialists real soon because Yours isn’t working right anymore. I don’t believe very many pols at all served.. I’m also a Nam Vet and proud of it and believe Donald Trump is doing a great job and would have been doing better if the damn Demorats would let him, they are so stupid they still think Obama and Hillary are right for America. I guess you all are escaped from the funny farm!!!!!!!!!

  4. The only Democrat that’s got half a brain is Como the rest of them I don’t think are fit to run your local public graded School

  5. Joe Biden us a idiot like the rest of the left wing/ socialist group. Wanting to blame everything on our Great President. I’m a Democrat and I would never vote for any of the idiots . Their Crazy and we need to drain the swamp . As everyone know President Trump has done a great job and he has never taken a penny for doing it . Every American should thank him for everything he’s done to help us get out of this mess caused by Obama and his cracker jack crew.

  6. Get rid of current president by voting for Joe and Andrew Como. They understand the needs of the every day citizen, As a veteran and citizen, I believe we need to get out the vote and ensure we get the correct leadership and not from a draft dodger trying to lead a country he has given nothing to. We need positive and strong leadership for our country.

  7. Sure, we need Cuomo, the “blame it on someone else” governor of the state with, by far, the greatest outbreak of Covid 19.
    Whatever plan you have, Cuomo, is way too little, too late.
    You should have listened to the POTUS early on. He was way in front of this virus deal.

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