Biden, Warren Insist It’s Not Over Yet

Biden, Warren Insist It's Not Over Yet
  • Former VP still high in the polls, can they be trusted?
  • Bernie leads the field by 7 points heading into Nevada.
  • Warren rakes in $6,000,000 from online donors.
  • Bloomberg faces accusations of being a racist. 

( -The old adage says nothing but death and taxes are certainties in this life. If they’ve done nothing else, the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary proved that point. The surprise rise of former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg and the fast fades of former Obama VP Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) being all the evidence needed.

It’s a Long Race

However, the candidates have doubled down on the idea that the path leading to the eventual naming of the 2020 Democratic November ticket is a long-haul proposition. And the national pollsters, in spite of the last two miscues, may support the theory. The most recent poll for the upcoming Nevada caucuses by the Las Vegas Review-Journal shows Biden and Warren in second and third place respectively, albeit well behind Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT). Buttigieg is a distant fifth.

Michelle Wu, a member of the Boston city council who campaigned for Warren in New Hampshire insists, “voters are really wanting to think about November.” However, that might be pure bravado on the part of one of the senator’s supporters. After all, the entire reason for the primary season is to have a voice in who will face off against President Trump when the time comes. Sitting back now means risking your preferred candidate doesn’t get the chance at all.

Warren Still Has Support

Sen. Warren echoed the sentiment herself in recent comments. She pointed to the fact that online donors have contributed $6 million to her coffers in the days since the debacle in Iowa and said it’s because “a lot of people out there are very committed to seeing me stay in this race.” She is also not afraid to use fearmongering to motivate her supporters pointing to the Progressive Liberal perception that Trump is evil incarnate. As for the late entrant to the field, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Warren relies on the mainstay of Democrat rhetoric, the race card, to attack him.

Is Biden Finished?

Ex-veep Biden, whose plan seemed to focus on riding the coattails of President Barack Obama, fell far from the top in the first two races. However, he’s not letting those dismal failures deter him, predicting great success in the future.

In a fundraiser speech filled with hope, or maybe self-delusion, Biden predicted a first- or second-place finish in Nevada. He went on to actually promise the group he would win Pennsylvania and Michigan. Given the long-odds Vegas bookmakers are giving on that possibility right now, maybe he should place a bet on himself while he’s in town.

Faced with a constituency that is smitten with Sanders after a sharp left turn into the realm of the Socialist agenda, and equally frustrated with the Washington D.C. establishment, these two are suddenly facing uphill battles. It’s quite possible the 21st-Century Democratic party has left them behind.

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