Biden Will Keep Christopher Wray as FBI Head “Unless Trump Fires Him”

Biden Will Keep Christopher Wray as FBI Head

( – Usually, when a president appoints an FBI director, that person serves for 10 years. Although the presidential election result isn’t official yet, Joe Biden is deciding who will serve in his potential administration. Apparently, the current FBI director might serve out his full term.

According to a December 2 report in the New York Times, Biden doesn’t plan to remove FBI Director Christopher Wray from his position if he takes office on January 20. An anonymous official said the former vice president is “not removing the FBI director” as long as Trump doesn’t fire him.

It’s no secret the president hasn’t been happy with Wray for months. He’s been open about his frustrations regarding the agency not doing more to investigate the origins of the 2016 Russigate investigation and voter fraud. Biden doesn’t seem to care about any of that. He just wants people to think that he’s continuing the norms that were in place before Trump.

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