Biden Wins Handily Among Suburban Voters Against Trump, Poll Says

( – The 2024 election is just seven months away. The race is heating up with both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump trying to solidify their voting blocs. A new poll found the incumbent POTUS is leading with suburban voters.

As Biden prepares to battle Trump again, he might get a boost from suburban voters for a second time. Newsweek reported an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll found 57% of suburban voters said they are backing Biden, while only 41% support the former president. The incumbent also led 63% to 36% in the city.

Overall, Biden was slightly ahead of the presumptive Republican nominee with 50% to 48%. However, the margin of error was 3.7%, meaning the race was essentially tied. Political pundits have predicted for months that the 2024 race would be won by the margins.

In 2020, Brookings issued a report stating the suburbs are what clinched the election for Biden. Trump was able to flip Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan in 2016, propelling him to victory.

This time around, Biden is focusing heavily on suburban women, hoping they will play a prominent role in the election. Fems for Dems organizer Marcie Paul spoke to NBC News about the upcoming election and called the former president “revolting.” She said Biden is doing better than she expected, and his support for women’s rights is critical in the 2024 election.

A national NBC poll found the president is winning women 50% to 40% against Trump. He has a 49% to 43% lead with suburban women.

Paul explained that even though Biden doesn’t excite voters the way former President Barack Obama did, “fear is a huge motivator.” Many women are angry over their Supreme Court’s 2022 ruling that reversed federal abortion protections and are concerned about what could be next. They also blame Trump for the loss of abortion rights. One woman told NBC it was “every woman’s worst nightmare.” That could be enough to drive them to the polls in November, even if they aren’t thrilled with Biden.

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