Biden Would Still Work With Republicans

Biden Would Still Work With Republicans

( – With the heavily partisan battle over President Trump’s impeachment coming to an end soon, many Democrats are unsatisfied with how the trial was handled. Joe Biden wasn’t among those.

Biden said that, even after the Senate impeachment trial, it hasn’t “shaken my faith” to continue working with Republicans.

Biden is among the most moderate of the DNC candidates currently on the field. He has also previously stated that he’d consider running with a Republican vice president.

The former vice president seems to be sure that Congress will proceed normally after these hearings. Biden was also glad to see nothing incriminating was found with his son, Hunter, in regards to previous Ukrainian business deals. Biden said, “It’s a good thing that no one’s found anything wrong with his dealing with Ukraine except they say it sets a bad image.”

Biden is convinced that his previous experience in the White House is what is needed to get the job done while working with both sides of the aisle.

“One of the reasons I’m running is because of my experience,” he said. “Who’s going to be ready on day one? To pick up the phone and call any world leader and they know who he is and he knows who they are.”

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  1. TRUMP got acquitted not Biden!
    BIDEN BRAGGED,about doing
    What TRUMP was accused of .
    Just like TRUMP was accused of
    What Hillary did! The swamp,is
    drained we await capture trial
    And convictions!

  2. Just because our president was acquitted, doesn’t mean BIDENS
    Been acqitted! Their will be backlash
    For BIDEN. After all, he actually admitted , bragged, about doing
    What they accused TRUMP of.

  3. Joe Biden is a imbecile a pathological diabolical liar him and his son and then protecting him and his son to cover up his abuse of power and him selling out this country many many times for money and it goes right back to Obama And John Kerry they’re all corrupt they’re all disgusting Swamp rats and they should be prosecuted for what they did to this country

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