Biden’s Gaza Pier Might Be Abandoned As Soon As July

( – The US began building a pier in Gaza earlier this year to deliver humanitarian aid to the region. Rough seas and high winds damaged the structure. Authorities repaired the pier, but now aid organizations are calling it a failed mission.

The pier cost the US $230 million to build on short notice. It was only operational for approximately 10 days. When it wasn’t damaged, it wasn’t being used because of security concerns. There’s a chance that it could cease operations completely in the coming days.

Initially, President Joe Biden’s administration predicted the pier would be operational until September. That’s the month they said surges would make it inoperable. Pentagon officials have reportedly told aid organizations that the pier could be dismantled in July. They are hoping that the deadline will force Israel to open more land routes.

The news came days after US Central Command (CENTCOM), announced the military was moving the temporary pier from its position in Gaza to Ashdod, Israel. The social media post announcing the relocation cited “expected high seas” as the reason, saying the move would “prevent structural damage caused by the heightened sea state.”

CENTCOM also said the pier would be “rapidly re-anchored to the coast of Gaza” after the high seas. The pier was reattached days later and deliveries resumed.

Stephen Semler, one of the Security Policy Reform Institute’s co-founders, said the pier isn’t working for the Palestinian people. He claimed it provided “humanitarian cover” for Biden’s administration as it continues to support Israel.

The World Food Program has stopped using the pier to distribute aid after a weekend of bombing by the Israeli military left many Palestinians dead. The organization cited safety concerns for its decision to stop using the structure.

Aid workers have also complained about long inspections at the border, protests, and limited hours of operation. CENTCOM has said more than 3,500 tons of aid have been delivered since the pier became operational.

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