Biden’s Space Command Decision Faces Criticism from Tuberville

( – President Joe Biden is in the midst of his reelection campaign, but instead of making friends with lawmakers in Alabama, he has infuriated them. The Democratic POTUS decided to reverse a decision by former President Donald Trump. Lawmakers are now speaking out.

For months, the government has debated whether to go through with a plan by Trump to move US Space Command from Colorado to Alabama. President Joe Biden was ultimately the tie-breaker. According to The Associated Press, the POTUS spoke to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and other military officials before deciding to keep it in Colorado Springs.

Gen. James Dickinson, head of Space Command, was among those who ultimately convinced Biden the move wasn’t a good idea. He reportedly argued it would put military readiness in jeopardy. The Space Command headquarters are expected to achieve “full operational capability” later this month. If the base was moved to Alabama, it would not open until the mid-2030s.

The Hill reported that a source said the president found the “risk unacceptable,” especially because of the current challenges in space. Keeping Space Command where it’s at “ensures peak readiness […] during a critical period.”

Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) was furious when he learned of the decision. He issued a statement saying that Biden paused the move the minute he took office, inserting “politics into what had been a fair and objective competition.” The senator is currently blocking all military nominees from being approved because he’s angry over the Pentagon’s abortion policies.

Reports indicate some officials pointed to Alabama’s restrictive abortion laws as another reason for the Space Command decision. The White House has disputed politics played any part in the decision, saying it was completely related to military readiness.

Tuberville called the decision “shameful” but vowed the fight is not over. He said he would keep the fight alive until Space Command is moved to Huntsville, Alabama.

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