Big Bank Executive Arrested and Fired For Urinating on Elderly Woman

Big Bank Executive Arrested and Fired For Urinating on Elderly Woman

( – Wells Fargo is no stranger to controversy. Federal regulators have repeatedly fined the financial institution because of its bad practices. Recently, one of its executives got into trouble for a shocking reason — now, the man is out of a job and in legal hot water.

On November 26, Shankar Mishra, a now-unemployed Wells Fargo executive in Mumbai, India, flew from New York to New Delhi on an Air India flight. He was allegedly drunk during the flight and urinated on a 72-year-old woman who was sitting next to him in business class. The New York Times reported the victim wrote a statement to the chairman of the airline the day after the incident and said that she’d demanded police arrest Mishra when the plane landed.

Instead of calling the police, the plane’s crew allowed Mishra to stand before her and ask for forgiveness. She alleges she was “made to confront and negotiate” with the perpetrator. He reportedly asked her to forgive him for the sake of his family. The airline workers then refused to touch her bags and shoes, which she says they just sprayed with disinfectant. When she asked to be seated elsewhere, the unnamed woman claimed employees refused to allow her to move to a different seat.

More than a month after the event, on January 7, police finally arrested the alleged perpetrator. He was charged with sexual harassment, insulting the modesty of a woman, and obscenity; he was placed in judicial custody for 14 days. Law enforcement also accused the suspect’s relatives of not cooperating with investigators.

Wells Fargo also terminated Mishra from his job, saying it holds its employees to a high standard. Though, explicitly telling employees not to urinate on another person probably isn’t something the company expected to have to ever address. The airline, which is also receiving backlash, has claimed it’s cooperating with the investigation into the crime.

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