Big Mac Has Big Price Tag as Prices Keep Rising

Big Mac Has Big Price Tag as Prices Keep Rising

( – Inflation is finally beginning to fall after two years of sharp increases. That doesn’t mean prices aren’t still high. A social media user pointed out the shocking prices at a McDonald’s in the Northeast.

TikToker Gerald Cambor, known as Xcon Media, posted a video online of the menu at a Connecticut service station along I-95. His video showed the prices listed, and they were shocking. A Big Mac meal at the station was priced at more than $16 for a combo meal. In the video, he joked that the prices were the government’s way of taking back their stimulus payments.

CT Insider investigated the claims made in the video and found the burger meal at the service station was, in fact, almost $20. However, the news site pointed out that the prices at the rest areas are always way more expensive than in an actual restaurant. For example, just a couple of miles away from the $16 Big Mac meal joint is a McDonald’s, where the same meal is $9.79.

According to the report, the prices at the popular fast food joint have been on the rise. Since 2019, fries are up 25%, Big Mac prices increased by about 7%, and McChicken rose 28%. Meanwhile, the company has experienced a 10% increase in sales.

While profits are up, the restaurant chain has still decided to lay off hundreds of workers. At the beginning of April, the company closed its corporate offices and sent employees home to work for a few days while it made decisions to cut jobs. Some employees were given the option of staying on at the company if they accepted reduced compensation packages, including changes to their bonuses and titles, The Wall Street Journal reported. Those who were laid off will stay on the payroll until June 15 and then receive a severance package. The company has acknowledged its position is the best its been in years.

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