Big Tech Censorship Is Hurting The Information Age

How Censorship in Social Media Affects What Information We Are Receiving (Political News, Especially!)

( – Social media censorship is a persistent problem in the US. President Donald Trump and Conservatives are often on the receiving ends of bans and fact checks from the Big Tech companies. This was front and center during this year’s election.

Prior to the 2020 election, the New York Post published a bombshell report about Joe Biden’s involvement in his son Hunter’s shady foreign business dealings. Social media companies started to limit the spread of the article on their platforms. Republicans were outraged and accused Twitter and Facebook of interfering in the election.

Shortly after, a report found Trump was on the receiving end of censorship 65 times, while Biden wasn’t targeted at all.

According to Pew Research, one in five adults say they get their news from social media. That gives Big Tech a lot of power to control what people are seeing. If they’re constantly censoring Conservatives, that means the American people may not be getting the full story, leaving them less informed.

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