Bill O’Reilly Tells Why He Thinks Tucker Was Fired

Bill O'Reilly Tells Why He Thinks Tucker Was Fired

( – Tucker Carlson signed off of his Fox News show on Friday, April 21, by telling his viewers he’d be back on Monday. However, when Monday rolled around, the network announced the two had parted ways. Bill O’Reilly recently theorized about why he believes the host lost his job.

On the evening of Carlson’s separation from the network, O’Reilly hosted an episode of his “No Spin News” program. He pointed out that Fox News is fighting a number of lawsuits and claimed there will be more filed in the coming weeks. According to Newsmax, he said Fox News Corporation’s board members know about the suits, and they’re “going to have to defend themselves. That’s big.”

One of the ongoing lawsuits relates to the 2020 election. Smartmatic, a voting machine company, is suing the network for $2.6 billion. Fox recently settled a similar suit with Dominion Voting Systems for more than $700 billion. There’s also a suit that might be filed by Ray Epps, a January 6 protester that accused Carlson of ruining his life during an interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes.” Carlson had claimed he was a secret government agent trying to provoke violence that day and talked about him more than 20 times on his Fox News show.

O’Reilly said that with all of the lawsuits the company is facing, “destructive Tucker Carlson is the lightning rod.” During an interview with News Nation’s Chris Cuomo, O’Reilly repeated his claims that pending litigation was the reason for Carlson’s termination.

Carlson replaced O’Reilly as the network’s top star in 2017 after he was fired amid sexual harassment claims. Prior to that, the “No Spin News” host was the highest-rated cable news host for almost two decades. When Carlson took over the time slot, O’Reilly said he lost a million viewers but then said Carlson decided to “attract more viewers from the committed right.”

O’Reilly told Glenn Beck, another former Fox star, that he believes Carlson will go on to host a Joe Rogan-type podcast and “make a bloody fortune.”

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