Billionaire Sent a $50,000,000 Wire Transfer to Jeffrey Epstein (REPORT)

Billionaire Sent a $50,000,000 Wire Transfer to Jeffrey Epstein (REPORT)

( – Many people in high circles were connected with Jeffrey Epstein, and one of them recently made it into the spotlight. Multi-billionaire financier and art collector Leon Black has denied being blackmailed by the deceased pedophile.

Black’s denial follows an October 12 article in the New York Times article revealing that he paid Epstein $50 million after his 2008 conviction for sex trafficking. It also included revelations that Black was much closer to the sex predator than the “limited relationship” he’s admitted to.

Now, clients of Black’s firm, Apollo Management, have questions about exactly how close his relationship with Epstein was. On October 29, at an earnings call, investors questioned him about his past.

Black admitted his relationship with Epstein was “a horrible mistake,” but insisted the suspect payments between 2012 and 2017 were for legitimate business services, including tax and investment planning – although Epstein wasn’t a qualified accountant. He claimed he’d wanted to give Epstein a second chance and said there are records of the requested services.

The Times article also revealed that Black visited Epstein’s Caribbean hideaway in 2012 for a party, which doesn’t sound like a limited relationship.

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