Bin Laden’s Killer Questions Fighting for America After Cultural Betrayal

Bin Laden's Killer Questions Fighting for America After Cultural Betrayal

( – Preserving our freedoms comes with a cost, and members of the US military have been willing to pay that cost many times in our history. If enough young Americans feel our country isn’t worth fighting for, we’ll be in trouble. There are worrying signs that crisis might be nearly upon us.

On May 3, former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill, who says he was the one who shot terrorist leader Osama bin Laden in 2011, blasted the US Navy’s recruiting policies in a furious tweet. O’Neill was outraged that one of the branch’s first batch of “digital ambassadors” — whose job was to find potential recruits on social media — included Yeoman Second Class Joshua Kelley, who moonlights as drag queen Harpy Daniels. Kelley says he wants to “continue being an advocate and representation (sic) of queer sailors!” O’Neill, who seems more focused on defeating America’s enemies than advocating for queer sailors, says, “I can’t believe I fought for this bulls–t!”

Others weren’t too pleased either.

Many of the US military leaders seem to prioritize wokeness above combat readiness. Controversially, under the Biden Administration, the whole force has had “stand-down” days, when all normal training stops so troops can be indoctrinated in diversity, equity, and inclusion, or warned of the alleged dangers of right-wing extremism. Partnering with Dylan Mulvaney didn’t work out too well for Bud Light, and there’s a big risk that showing off drag queens will backfire on the Navy the same way.

As it happens, last year, the US military ran into a major recruitment crisis. The Army fell 15,000 short of its enlistment target, while the other services had to bring forward delayed-entry candidates to meet theirs. Defense officials expect the manpower crisis to get even worse this year. Recruiters are blaming a new medical records system that means potential recruits are being turned away for childhood broken bones and past episodes of mental illness, issues that used to be quietly overlooked.

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