Black Conservative Slams Looting

Black Conservative Slams Looting

( – As Liberals defend – and even encourage – the orgy of destructive looting that’s swept the US since George Floyd died in May, a black Conservative has strongly criticized left-wing support for this widespread criminality. Rob Smith, spokesman for Turning Point USA, singled out the activist author of a new book that openly supports looting. But, his criticisms cover many others on the Left as well.

Vicky Osterweil, who Smith points out as a white Liberal, spoke to NPR last week about her book In Defense of Looting. Osterweil says mass shoplifting “gives people what they need for free,” “attacks the idea of property,” and “strikes at the heart of property, of whiteness and of the police.”

However, Smith says Osterweil’s comments were “absolutely ridiculous” and “have no basis in the lives of real people.” He pointed out that people like Ostweweil rarely live in the communities whose stores and services get destroyed by looters, and that they have no “thought or consideration” for the victims.

This is yet another flimsy attempt for Liberals to justify a movement they’re taking advantage of.

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