Blinken Claims Russia Will Invade NATO Countries if Aid Not Passed

( – When Russia invaded Ukraine, experts worried it would lead to a larger war in Eastern Europe. Specifically, there was concern that Russian President Vladimir Putin would invade a NATO country. With military aid on the line in Congress, President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken are warning that it could still happen.

On December 10, Blinken appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” and spoke to Jake Tapper about the need for Congress to pass the administration’s proposed $106 billion aid for Ukraine. The current aid is expected to run out at the end of the year. The secretary told Tapper that the US must continue to help Ukraine fight Putin because if he isn’t stopped, he will “be able to move forward with impunity.”

Blinken said that Putin “won’t stop in Ukraine” and he could “end up going after a NATO country.” If Russia does invade a member state, the US has an obligation to intervene.

President Joe Biden issued a similar warning during a speech in the Roosevelt Room in the White House on December 6. The POTUS spoke to the American people about the importance of passing his proposed $106 billion aid package. He accused the Russian military of kidnapping thousands of Ukrainian children and committing other war crimes.

Biden accused the GOP of giving Putin a gift by not passing aid. He warned that if Russia is allowed to take Ukraine, then Putin wouldn’t stop there. The president said that if he attacks a NATO country, then the US is committed to “defend every inch of NATO territory.” That means “American troops fighting Russian troops” if he decides to attack a NATO nation.

The president said America “can’t let Putin win.”

Congress is currently negotiating how to move forward, but the GOP isn’t willing to pass more aid without major policy changes at the US border, something they believe is necessary to keep America safe.

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