Bloomberg Bows Out

Bloomberg Bows Out

( – Michael Bloomberg has spent around $500 million on his presidential bid only to obtain just over 50 delegates on Super Tuesday. Compare that to the two front-runners with over 450 apiece and it’s clear that Bloomberg has no chance of winning the nomination. With this knowledge, he’s now dropped out of the race and endorsed Joe Biden.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Pete Buttigieg also dropped out over the weekend to endorse Biden just before Super Tuesday.

Bloomberg did reach viability in a number of states. The hope is that Biden will perform even better in the upcoming primaries with the additional support of another candidate. It’s also not that the former mayor is “just another candidate.” He has previously stated that he’ll throw a fraction of his vast wealth behind the DNC nominee in the form of ads on their behalf.

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