Bloomberg Fires Staff, Breaks Promise

Bloomberg Fires Staff, Breaks Promise

( – After only partaking in the presidential race for a few months and spending over $500 million on his campaign, billionaire Michael Bloomberg abruptly dropped out. Following his spectacular failure on Super Tuesday, he immediately endorsed Joe Biden. Apparently, his experiment of “buying an election” didn’t pan out as he might have hoped.

Still, a presidential campaign requires a great deal of effort and people to make it run. Bloomberg promised his staffers a job until the elections in November. Instead of delivering on his promise, Bloomberg just began firing them.

Now, the former mayor of New York City is encouraging these staffers to apply for jobs on his newly-formed committee. Bloomberg’s organization will operate in six battleground states that are critical to Biden’s campaign.

The new committee has yet to be named. The only consolation previous staffers received is they got to keep the MacBooks and iPhones issued to them during the campaign.

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  1. Bloomberg should have FIRED them.
    Absolutely the biggest money con by and waste of money on a campaign team that designed and presented the most unwinnable, uninspiring, boring, and erudite campaign evidencing absolutely NO IDEA of how to reach and effect the voters or how to (a)-Get democratic nomination; or (b) of having any chance to beat Trump.
    Instead of complaining about not getting paid–
    THEY SHOULD RETURN EVERY CENT THEY RECEIVED and apologize to Mayor Bloomberg for such an ill-advised and ineffective campaign

  2. bloomberg is only jealous that trump is the president and he is not. his platform is the radical agenda of the far left.

  3. With this nitwit it was and is all about his ego and his power to tell people what is best for them, such as, outlawing 16oz drinks and taking away our rights to owning guns. He is nothing more than a dictatorship in the making.

  4. He spent almost all of his videos emphasizing that he wanted “to beat Trump” rather than telling what he thought was good for the other people (US!) Looks like a poor excuse for a cross-town rivalry..

  5. I have never been a fan of Bloomberg but, having said that, Bloomberg’s agenda is no different from any of the other dem candidates nor that of the dem party itself. At least you all received useful consolation prizes. In politics, the winner wins all, and all with the losers lose all. That’s why political races are likened to horse races, and why you must pick your horse early with no guarantees

  6. Bloomberg, couldn’t run the city of new york. He put it in bankruptcy. The only reason he made mayor three times, is because of all the idiots and low IQ people that he promised a bunch of lies too voted him in. The 450,000 jobs he supposedly created?! Those were the demolition and construction jobs around ground zero. He didn’t build back new york. If there’s anyone that’s a fraud, it’s him. Blomberg couldn’t buy a ham sandwich without screwing up the order. He’s been nothing but a joke this whole time. He wasted lot of his money on a pipe dream. But it was his money to waste.

  7. Bum berg is an idiot. This election is about right and wrong or good and evil and numbers. Chose the wrong dide
    His money could not buy any of us

  8. Is this really a surprise??? He just wanted to beat his rival. It had nothing to do with the people… was his ego to beat Pres Trump period…..

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