Bloomberg to Take Advantage of Iowa Chaos

Bloomberg to Take Advantage of Iowa Chaos

( – While the entirety of the Democratic Party is scrambling to resolve the disaster surrounding the Iowa caucus, Michael Bloomberg may have found an opening to bolster his presidential campaign.

After meeting with his campaign leadership team, the former NYC mayor has now given the green light to double his current spending on TV ads. So far, Bloomberg has already spent over $300 million on advertising.

Jason Schechter, Bloomberg’s spokesman, went to Twitter in the aftermath of the botched Iowa caucus:

While the caucus results aren’t in yet, Bloomberg struggled to reach viability according to initial counts. Still, that isn’t discouraging him from ramping up his advertisement budget or maintaining the largest DNC presidential campaign at over 2,100 people.

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  1. Each of democratic candidates have to many negatives to be the contender, so mike will be the one! So with that who would he make as his Vice President??

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