Bloomberg Wants to Close All Coal Plants

Bloomberg Wants to Close All Coal Plants

Michael Bloomberg, one of the most recent additions to the DNC presidential candidate race, just proposed a new plan to combat climate change.

Bloomberg wants a 50% reduction in carbon emissions over the next 10 years. Eventually, he wants to go completely carbon neutral when it comes to power production. In his own words at a recent speech:

“We have to start working as hard as we can building a 100 percent clean energy economy because the alternative is just too bad for all of us.”

The specifics of Bloomberg’s plan call for shutting down all of America’s remaining 251 coal plants by 2030. He also wants to phase out gas-powered plants and replace current fossil fuel power plants with clean energy. Under his watch as president, Bloomberg claims that the nation could achieve 80% clean energy production by the end of his second term.

Bloomberg would also cancel all subsidies for fossil fuels, tighten carbon and pollution standards, and cancel construction on all power plants running on fossil fuels.

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