Bloomberg’s $400+ Million on Ads

Bloomberg's $400+ Million on Ads

( – In January, we reported on the current expenditures that Michael Bloomberg’s campaign had spent in total. Much of those resources had gone to TV and digital ads, especially in Texas and other states voting during Super Tuesday. Now, just a month later, Bloomberg’s campaign spending has roughly doubled.

In comparison to other candidates, only Tom Steyer, another billionaire in the presidential race, spent half, while the rest of the field has only matched 10% of Bloomberg’s total spending.

It seems that Bloomberg’s investment is paying off, too. In the same amount of time, Bloomberg has doubled in national polling going from around 8% to now 14.2%. However, during the same period, we’ve seen Joe Biden plummet almost 10 points. Whether Bloomberg’s rise in national polls and campaign expenditures continue to coincide remains to be seen.

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