Bolton Leak Raises Temperature On Impeachment Witnesses

Bolton Leak Raises Temperature On Impeachment Witnesses

( – A conveniently timed leak of allegations from former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s new book has added new impetus to calls for more witnesses in President Trump’s impeachment trial.

According to the New York Times, Bolton writes that the president directly connected aid payments to Ukraine with an investigation of the Biden family’s business activities in the country. If this claim is true – and the White House is vigorously denying it – the allegations of abuse of power become a lot more credible.

Democrats have been pushing for the Senate to hear from witnesses, including Bolton. However, Republican senators want to get the trial over and done with as soon as possible and are resisting any moves that seem likely to draw out the process.

President Trump himself has weighed in via Twitter, pointing out that Bolton made no reference to an alleged quid pro quo at any time – even during his public removal from his White House post – until he had a book to sell.

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  1. He is not credible. He leaked some very sensitive classified intel in his book deal. Now that is a serious violation to our National Security. Isn’t this one of the main issues in this crazy impeachment scam is accusing our great President of? Come on America, wake up! Snap out of it! We have a great President!

  2. This ignorant is getting even for being fired. Someone should shove his book up his rear end. Just got to get even, ignorance mus flourish in his family. I hope his book tanks.

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